Friday, December 15, 2006

30 Rock(s)!

After being too cool for school in rooting for "30 Rock," but not actually putting forth any effort to watch it, I got home just in time to see an episode from beginning to end.

I laughed out loud at least eight times at jokes that included references to college a cappella, race, bad relationships, karaoke, politics, Alec Baldwin acting like a fool, Tracy Morgan acting like a fool and Tina Fey acting like a fool. Solid writing, great delivery, fun cast. Good times ahoy-hoy.

It reminded me of the best days of SNL, except all the best moments from a 90-minute show are streamlined into 21 minutes of nummy-nummy goodness.

Now, will I actually be around and/or motivated to watch it again? Hopefully. Good stuff, Ms. Fey. Good stuff.


K said...

I like 30 Rock, also. It's not PERFECT, but it's pretty good, I think. I hope it stays around. Also, tracy Morgan is funy on it, and I never liked him on SNL.

K said...

Oh, except for the "I'm a BIG man and I need a BIG shredder." That was funny.

Chris Serico said...

What? No love for Astronaut Jones? That was always fun for me. I mean, I'd say that that was more of a skit that guys appreciated, but my sister loved it, too.

K said...

I think I missed that, because I'm not familiar with it, which is weird because NOTHING GETS BY ME. I AM THE POP CULTURE GATEKEEPER. Or keymaster. Whatever. Zuul.