Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What makes Stephen Colbert tick (with laughter)

Nation, if you want to make Stephen Colbert break character on "The Colbert Report," I have two words for you: Shout. Out.

The show's "Shout Out" segment not only gives him a chance to interact with viewers, but also features a sound clip of Colbert shouting "Hey!" while crude animation between two Colbert photos depicts the shout at the bottom of the screen.

The only thing more jarring to the viewer than the sudden "Hey!" outburst is watching Colbert smile or giggle upon hearing it. He did it last night, and I've seen him do it at least one other time, and each time, it fills my heart with laughter and/or cholesterol.

And that's tonight's W∅rd.


Anonymous said...

It should be noted that this was immediately after showing the picture of Pinochet's funeral with the guards that looked like Ghostbusters and the line, "This great leader's ghost deserves better than the containment unit."

And immediately before the segment about Mission Code Name Beef Hammer.

Chris Serico said...

That was great! And thank you for giving me another opportunity to reference "Ghostbusters."