Thursday, December 28, 2006

But how good is Danny Tanner at Plinko?

My girlfriend Casie is brilliant. Want proof?

When discussing Bob Barker's pending retirement from "The Price is Right" -- we only talk about pressing matters of international consequence -- I had told her that there had been rumors of CBS just pulling the plug on the show, temporarily or permanently, after Bob called it quits.

Then she suggested that another Bob might be a worthy successor to Mr. Barker. I'm looking at you, Saget.

I've heard other names bandied about, including current "TPIR" announcer Rich Fields and former "Double Dare" host Marc Summers, but Saget makes perfect sense. Think about it.

  • As Casie noted, Saget has mainstream appeal, as evidenced by his appearances on "Full House" and "America's Funniest Home Videos," but also seethes with the snark needed for 21st-century game shows in "The Aristocrats" and, more recently, that surprisingly funny Jamie Kennedy music video, "Rollin' with Saget."
  • He's already hosting a game show on NBC, "1 vs. 100." I'm not sure how well it's doing in the ratings, but even if it were faring well, I doubt Saget would pass up a chance to host daytime TV's most successful game show. Also, I've seen "1 vs. 100." Its format gets old faster than Uncle Jesse's hairstyle.
  • Saget would be charming enough to nice contestants, but wouldn't be afraid to mock a loser or dumb sponsor in the process, making the show a must-watch.
  • Not only could Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen be among Saget's Sweeties (as opposed to Barker's Beauties), Saget could call all of them "Michelle" and no one would flinch.
  • A clip of Stephanie Tanner's voice uttering "How rude!" could be played instead of that dissonant tuba/trumpet bum-bum-buh-BUM (WOWWWWW!) sound effect whenever someone loses.
  • Dave Coulier could be the new announcer. Let's get that man a steady job that doesn't involve Alanis Morissette. (Zing!)