Sunday, March 11, 2007

Should there be an unfortunate sequel to 'Money Train,' I wonder if I could jump over subway tracks with a running start in case a stuntman is needed

We're talking the 10-foot width of one subway car (not two), with a running start the width of a platform (say, 20 feet).

Terms: I'd have to clear the platform. This means I wouldn't have to land on my feet (bonus points for that), but grabbing the top of it and climbing out wouldn't count.

This picture offers a glance, which makes the gap a bit more ominous than it might be. I picture a Pitfall scorpion in there to make it interesting.

Things to consider:
- Low ceiling
- Even though I'm in decent shape, I was an awful high school athlete
- How cool I'd look doing it successfully; how awful I'd look otherwise

Place your bets, in case Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson come calling.