Sunday, March 18, 2007

Justin Timberlake's heart 'bleeded,' a sequel was born

Chubby Checker had "The Twist" and "Let's Twist Again." Metallica had "Unforgiven" and "Unforgiven II." Now, Justin Timberlake has "Cry Me A River" and "What Goes Around/Comes Around."

Basically these two JT songs have the same feel (you can sing the chorus of "Cry Me A River" along to the chorus of "What Goes Around..." without it clashing) and message (You cheated, you're sorry, tough crap, I've moved on), except the latter has a sitar riff, a transition that tacks on a few more minutes and the word "bleeded (sic)."


For "bleeded" alone, I want to give the earlier song the edge, but right now, I can't stop listening to the newer of the two. It's that addictive.

I'm not going to lie; I'm somewhat embarrassed about my appreciation for Justin Timberlake's music. But the guy's talented. He sings some killer songs. And he's probably the closest thing to an uncreepy Michael Jackson the music world has these days.

Oh, and he might have tagged Scarlett Jo.

If you want some circumstantial evidence of this and have 10 minutes to burn, enjoy the following (There are some curse words in here, young'ns. So by clicking play you swear that you're of suitable age, blah blah blah):

Bleeded! Bleeded! Bleeded!


Rachel said...

i agree on his talent and my current obsession with this song as well as give it to me with nelly & timba :)

K said...

I heard that like, Pharell and some other dudes wrote the entire Justified album for Michael Jackson, presented it to him as his comeback album, he refused it, so then they "gave" it to Justin Timberlake. Yes, I know how THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK-ULOUS that sounds. But it would be funny if it were true, ha ha ha (MAYBE IT IS)!!!!!!!!!!

Now, JT "tagging" SJ, on the other hand: THE GOD'S GOSPEL. In fact, I believe the phrase "true dat" was invented for this occasion.

Anonymous said...

So basically, the moral of the story is: if you cheat on Justin Timberlake, you will be involved in a fatal automobile accident. Is it not?