Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Three excuses for avoiding the gym

1. My iPod died and I had to upload all my songs all over again onto a new one. (True.)
2. I had a stomach virus this week. (True.)
3. I have other excuses not to go today. (False.)


K said...

"Waaa, waaa, I have TWO iPods."

I have an iPod shuffle because I got it for free when I opened a bank account. It used to play 105ish songs. Now it plays maybe 50 as a result of some sort of inexplicable damage, and it NEVER plays "Wind It Up"by Gwen Stefani, even if it's the only song on there.

So, you know, STOP COMPLAINING. Or, you know, BUY ME AN iPOD.

Chris Serico said...

Yes, I have two iPods, and the other one ees-a-broken.

By the same logic, I have about 50 teeth, two cars and a bank account.

Chris Serico said...

"ees" courtesy of Lanyard, (C) 2007

lanyard said...

I prolly didn't invent "ees," but I'mma sue you, YEC*.

* Yost een case.

Chris Serico said...

OK, to clarify my poorly written phrase in the third comment of this section. I have two iPods and ONE OF THEM is broken. Hence, the new one.

Mee dum.