Tuesday, January 02, 2007

In a related story, John Lennon didn't get his big break on 'Date My Mom'

One of MTV's guiltiest pleasures is "Parental Control," a "reality" TV show that features parents picking out alternatives to their offspring's significant other with unintentionally hilarious results.

A week or so ago, I caught an edition featuring Willie Gault, who won a Super Bowl as a wide receiver with the Chicago Bears in the 1985-86 season. Thankfully, the 46-year-old wasn't the one doing the dating; his daughter was.

At first, I found myself enjoying the episode. Willie, his wife and daughter are all charming, attractive people. All of the guys under consideration seemed pretty cool. I even enjoyed the staged argument between Willie and his daughter's alleged boyfriend after it was revealed the latter "borrowed" Willie's Super Bowl ring.

But then there were clues that the show was just a glorified ad for Willie Gault's daughter's singing career. She's seen:

  • In a recording studio
  • Telling a prospective boyfriend that her then-boyfriend didn't support her singing career
  • Singing a song on the spot when she was prompted to by her date and/or the show's producers
Admittedly, her voice is no worse than your Simpson sister of choice, but any illusion of dating-show credibility (is there such a thing?) was obliterated when at the end, she rejected all three boys, as if to say, "I'm far more marketable as a singer if I'm a single girl."

She is now an eligible receiver.