Friday, January 19, 2007

'30 Rock' didn't win the Golden Globe for best TV comedy, but....

... it's won a coveted spot on my Favorite Television shows list on MySpace. (Applause. In keeping with the Golden Globes theme, Justin Timberlake accepts on behalf of Prince, for some reason.)

As they say in those shouty MTV cellphone ringtone commercials, "WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!" (I'm adopted?)

You're probably asking, "How does a show actually make it onto that pixelated and easily modified list?" Good question to allow for a totally smooth segue!

One or more of the following reasons should apply:

1. It's, like, a good show and stuff.
2. If the season is new, I actually have to make a point to watch it at least once a week.
3. If it's no longer actively on air, I have to still appreciate reruns on some level.
4. I devote a Varsity Basketweaving post to it on Jan. 19.

Also, with "30 Rock," I always laugh out loud at least five times per episode, with Alec Baldwin claiming at least two of them. And all Chris Parnell cameos as Dr. Spaceman (pronounced "Spa-CHEH-min") are always welcome.

So many great things about Thursday night's show. From the implied "KATIE COURIC SUCKS" vandalism being wiped off the supposed green room wall of Brian Williams to The Head putting "the 'fun' in 'funky'" while playing a recorder, it was such a fulfilling episode. (Plus, "Moonvest" was a fantastic gag.) Also, not gonna lie, Tina Fey looked foxy in the pre-credits conclusion.

Only one drawback (other than the occasional "D'oh, I saw that joke coming" sitch): not enough Rachel Dratch. Definitely one of the most underrated SNLers of all time, she needs more spotlight time. "Lovah!"