Tuesday, January 23, 2007

'D' as in 'dumb'

Sometimes at work, I'm forced to verbally spell out my e-mail address for the sake of clarity. Despite the fact I use words for a living, I find myself increasingly dumb and panicky when it comes to brainstorming clear and simple words to correspond with the letters in the e-mail address.

Inevitably, it winds up sounding more and more ridiculous as it goes along.

"Yes, that's 'C' as in 'cat,' 'S' as in ... uh ... uh ... 'satchel,' 'E' as in ... ummm ... hmmm ... 'endoplasmic reticulum' ...."


Abbi said...

P as in SERPICO! The more I know you, the less you seem like a short, volatile, bearded cop. But it's the best name in the world. Next to suh-REE-koh. Your name also sounds like Eureka.