Friday, July 28, 2006

The Name Game

Here are this week's thoughts on the monikers of bands, albums and song titles, independent of the quality of their music.


Fort Minor, The Rising Tied - This album name's a pun, for sure, but one that isn't easily interpreted. I'm still trying to figure out if the idea of "Rising Tied" is either ingeniously complicated or merely selected out of a continued desire to misspell. After all, Mike Shinoda is in a group called Linkin Park. But I'll give Shinoda the benefit of the doubt because he rules.

The Rising Tied's name grade: B+


Butch Walker, Bethamphetamine (Pretty Pretty) - This song title would be an A+, except for the fact that someone dumbed it down with the parentheses. We smart folk appreciate the first word of the title, but I wasn't exactly shocked when I heard Jessica Simpson butcher it during a Top 40 countdown on Sirius. Just stick with the "Pretty Pretty" part, Jessica. That's what you do best.

Bethamphetamine (Pretty Pretty)'s name grade: A
Jessica Simpson's name grade: D


A Plus D, Decepta-Freak-On - At first, I thought, "Wow, they're trying way too hard to come up with a clever song title, albeit one that borrows a theme from my favorite childhood cartoon." Then I realized that the song was a mash-up of Le Tigre's Decepticon and Missy Elliott's Get UR Freak On. Add the task of grading an artist whose name is A Plus D on an A to F scale, and we've got a complicated scenario.

Decepticon's name grade: A
Get UR Freak On's name grade: A-
Decepta-Freak-On's name grade: B-
A Plus D's name grade: B- (the middle grade between A+ and D)


FlamBey, The Flamerous Life - Hooray for FlamBey/For making my day/With the best and worst name/In hip-hop histor-ay/Hip-hop FlamBey!

FlamBey's name grade: A+ and F
The Flamerous Life's name grade: A+ and F