Thursday, March 16, 2006

You can't spell FlamBey without L-A-M-E

I've twice written about the greatness of terrible band names, but those have been of the imaginary variety. So of course I'm going to be stunned to discover a new rapper by the name of FlamBey. Not since I came up with "Socratic Method Man" did I think a funnier rap identity could be established. I could not have been more wrong.

I won't make fun of FlamBey's skills -- I haven't heard him rhyme -- but I'm guessing he was disappointed that the moniker Just Blaze was already taken, then opted for the more culinary-friendly alternative.

Now I'm waiting for more rappers to use kitchen-inspired nicknames.

I can't wait for PreeHeet's "450 Degreez" video. I've preordered Sauce Pan's new album, "Holland Dayz," featuring L'il BonBon, Red Spatula and Da Dubble Boilah. I'm hoping Frap Pay collaborates with Egg Beetah for a track called "Bundt Cake." And it's only a matter of time before iTunes' Top 100 will be jammed with hot cuts from Greased Cookie Shizzeet, Emiril LaPosse and The Notorious P-A-M.


Anonymous said...

If you like Flambey, you should check out the Chinatown bad boys: the Notorious MSG...

Anonymous said...

After reading this blog, some friends and I did some research on FlamBey and his music. It's actually "pretty hot"! His cds The Flamerous Life & Destiny are some of the better hip hop I've heard in a while. My girls and I think he's a cutie and like his website Thanks for letting us know what FlamBey has cookin! :)

Chris S. said...

The FlamBey marketing team, ladies and gentlemen!

Or perhaps Mama FlamBey has nothing better to do all day than search blogs for dear sonny's name and respond with a generic "Yay for my son" entry. You go, MomBey!

Real Rap Fan said...

FlamBey is DA REAL DEAL! It amazes me how seemingly sucessful "suits" don't have nuthin' better 2 do than bother rappers! Is it because deep down it bugs ya'll that there makin' more money than you???...Hmm, Maybe Bill O'Reilly has an alias???

Chris S. said...

Real Rap Fan,

Thank you for your contribution to one of my favorite blog posts. Here are my responses to your inquiries and comments:

1. Despite your personification, I own two suits, but am not a suit. I would be making far more money if I were.

2. I do not bother rappers. In fact, most of them don't know I exist. I think Sean Paul once walked right by me and I didn't encumber his path. I know he's technically a reggae artist, but come on, he's in Busta Rhymes' "Touch It (Remix)" video, so that should count for something.

3. If "Real Rap Fan" is MomBey again (see earlier comment), thanks for checking in a second time! If so, it might be healthier if you celebrated Junior's accomplishments rather than fixate on one silly blogger's commentary.

4. Most people and some animals make more money than I do, so if that were the sole reason I picked on people, I would have virtually no friends.

5. I like lots of rappers. Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye West and Ludacris are among my favorites. "Ludacris" is an amusing rap name too, but my guess is that, unlike "FlamBey," it was intended to be at least a little bit funny.

6. I am not Bill O'Reilly; that comparison is amusing on a few levels. To improve your detective work, might I suggest a ride-along with a cop? Perhaps a game of "Clue" is more your speed.

7. Last but not least, thank you for being a "Real" Rap Fan. Although I might not know every word in "Rapper's Delight," I'm sure I could learn something from you... but certainly not spelling.

Thanks for making me laugh,
Chris S.