Monday, July 17, 2006


- Two pop-culture geeks to join me in auditioning for VH1's "World Series of Pop Culture," assuming there is another season. My girlfriend is out because she's better suited for "World Series of Really Difficult Biology" or "World Series of Cuddling With Cute Animals."

- A soccer referee's packet that includes a red card, yellow card and little notebook thingie so I can call people out on their fouls in public places, long after the World Cup ceases to be relevant in this country. Or maybe just one of these shirts.

- A buffalo chicken sandwich. Mmm.


Casie Anne said...


Anonymous said...

FYI, young pup, I have only missed two questions maximum each night. I'm either very sad or very cool.

Chris Serico said...


You're actually the first person I'd recruit for my team. We'd need to find someone who covers knowledge we might not know, however, like 80's action movies.

"We come in peace!"
"And you'll go in pieces!"