Monday, July 24, 2006

Because subjecting mountain climbers to near-certain death is a brilliant way to promote a waffler

Behold a Web page that showcases* photographs and narratives of every pricing game in the history of "The Price Is Right"!

Palpatate at the peg-packed greatness that is Plinko! Celebrate the yodel-laden schadenfreude that is Cliff Hangers! And boo the incomprehensible lack of creativity that is Barker's Bargain Bar!

*No pun intended, but while we're on the subject, check out documentation of the first-ever Showcase Showdown. Look at that weird wheel!

BONUS! You gotta love this wild YouTube clip of Cliff Hangers, which offers the best of both worlds: The mountain climber eats it, but the contestant still wins!

DOUBLE AND TRIPLE BONUSES! TPiR bloopers! And one more!