Saturday, July 15, 2006

'American Idol' presents its annual 'Missing In Action' tour

Here's an Entertainment Weekly reporter's take on the "American Idol" tour, with a bunch of names that took me a surprising amount of time to associate with a face. Lisa who? (Oh, right, she was good.) Bucky what? (Oh, right, he was... blonde.)

Ten things I could have told you before reading this review:

1. Elliott's the season's best overall singer, but better find some marketing fast.
2. Kellie's the worst overall singer -- and maybe not just this season's.
3. Bucky's marginally better than Kellie.
4. Mandisa went downhill fast after some ambiguous remarks, didn't she?
5. Taylor's got some albums and Fords to sell.
6. Ace is a sketchy cheeseball on stage? No way!
7. Right about now, Chris is saying, "Why the frig did I turn down Fuel?"
8. Katharine's absence is telling.
9. Unless she decides to become a jazz singer, forget Paris.
10. You know who's better than almost all these clowns? Season Two cast-off Lisa Leuschner. Cut before the Round of 12, the judges' producers' decision still boggles my mind.