Saturday, July 01, 2006

Heralded Kal-El Goes To Fight Hassle

Ranking somewhere between "Fantastic 4" and the original "Batman," "Superman Returns" was a solid B/B+ of a superhero flick with mixed results.

The script was mediocre; Bryan Singer's direction was excellent; some performances were outstanding (hooray for Parker Posey and Kevin Spacey); the first 20 minutes were dull; the action sequences were solid; the ending appeared rushed; the humor was well-executed; and the frizzy brunette locks on the usually scorching Kate Bosworth were her Kryptonite.

But mostly I was disappointed that Kumar didn't have more (any?) lines in the movie.


Casie Anne said...

Kate Bosworth scores a D- for her performance in Superman Returns, and that is being generous. Not only do I blame her, but I blame whoever thought it was a good idea to cast her. While she completely destroyed the character of Lois Lane, she also looked BAD doing it. Lois Lane is supposed to be extremely strong in her convictions while also being the hottest woman ever. Kate played the lamest Lois Lane imaginable, and the correct word to describe her performance is inappropriate to use here. I usually wouldn't get so worked up about something like bad casting, but Lois Lane is my fictional character idol! And by the way, the other picture you linked of her is nothing but a good picture and completely inaccurate--I mean, her man-chin-cleft is even airbrushed!!!
And while I'm on the topic, I might as well add that I thought Kevin Spacey, Parker Posey, Frank Langella, and Sam Huntington were awesome, and Brandon Routh was good enough. Okay, I'm done.