Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What the Halliburton?!

If this map is accurate, is it pure coincidence that Dick Cheney's home county of Natrona in Wyoming has the nation's lowest price per gallon at $2.37? (Right-click on any county to get more specific price data.)

Is it weirder still that the states that gave George W. Bush the electoral victory in 2004 also seem, at a glance, to have lower prices than their Blue State counterparts that border them to the north and west?

Is it annoying that, according to this map, average gas prices per gallon in Westchester County ($3.14) are higher than those in San Francisco ($3.11)?

Is it total cliché to ask rhetorical questions, rather than to state declarations?

Answers: Probably Not; Maybe; Hell Yes; and Do You Know What I Mean?