Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Let's Go Crazy

I don't know what we have to do to ensure that this will happen, but let's hope that Prince actually comes through and brings his Purple Reign to American Idol. And now, the Top 10 potential scenarios that prove why this collaboration neeeeeeds to take place:

10. After Ryan Seacrest asks him to rate a performance from 1 to 10, Prince says nothing while holding up a sign that says this.
9. Prince's frown after Paula Abdul calls him "The Prince Formerly Known As An Artist."
8. Prince not only not laughing at any of Ryan's jokes, but also offering a sarcastic "Pffft" in reply each time.
7. In an attempt to channel Prince's greatness, Kellie Pickler makes a misguided decision to wear the word "Slave" on her cheek.
6. In an attempt to channel Prince's greatness, Taylor Hicks makes a misguided decision to wear a**less chaps.
5. More bizarre utterances from Paula, followed by Prince's peeved silence and Simon Cowell's furrowed brow.
4. A cheesetastic arrangement of "Purple Rain," sung by all the finalists.
3. Any footage of the 5'2" pop star standing next to Mandisa.
2. The look on Prince's face after Bucky Covington, inexplicably still in the contest, warbles "Gett Off."
1. As an homage to "Chappelle's Show," Prince serves pancakes to Wednesday's losing contestant. "Game. Blouses."


Bubb Rubb said...

Isn't doing reality programming officially career suicide for an A-list celebrity?

"3121" must be the musical equivalent of "Basic Instinct 2." (Coincidentally, Sharon Stone was slumming it on the Showtime free preview of "Huff" this week.)

Ah, how the annoying have fallen.