Wednesday, April 26, 2006

An 'American Idol' scoreless tie that involves neither Kellie Pickler nor Bucky Covington

No matter who you side with,* there are no winners here.

For the record, I'm not speaking with Paula Abdul, either. But while I drunkenly clap with my hands over my head, let me say that I admire her energy and spirit.

Seacrest out!

*Grammatically incorrect, yes, but the alternative just ruins the conversational tone. Get bent, Warriner's!


Anonymous said...

I could probably write several pages on why I can't stand Paula. I mean, WTF IS SHE ON... SERIOUSLY!!??? I don't have much of an opinion about Seacrest, but I think I will automatically love him if he continues to talk s*** about Paula. She definitely wins the 'most annoying person award' in reality television as far as I'm concerned. I guess she could also win the 'dumbest person award' as well. It would be awesome to sit behind her at an idol show just so I could continually smack her in the back of the head everytime she said something ridiculous. Wait, I don't know if I have that kind of energy...