Saturday, April 22, 2006

Web Junk 20 vs. real junk

So after the credits rolled for last night's episode of "Best Week Ever," I realized that I'd be in for a skull-shatteringly dull edition of "Celebrity Eye Candy," instead of the rockingly awesome pairing of Patrice O'Neal and "Web Junk 20."


I then flipped through the TV menu to see if "WJXX" would be on later. Nope.

Turns out, the Internet would come to the rescue for an answer, but not for bringing back the show immediately.

It appears that "Web Junk 20" is on hiatus until the summer.

I think I speak for loyal viewers everywhere when I say ... (ahem) ... NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

The genius of "Web Junk 20" wasn't even so much the clips, but O'Neal's brilliant reactions to all the clips, including tons that I had seen many times. The guy is just flat-out hysterical.

I only had one complaint with the format of "Web Junk 20," but it certainly wasn't enough to pull it off the air. Anyway, my beef was with airing clips that initially ran on popular television programs (i.e. the Destiny's Child falling blooper, the "Flavor of Love" catfight, etc.). The "Flavor of Love" clip is particularly cheap, considering the show ran on VH1. Show a little bit of hustle, people!

An exception to this rule are TV clips that are far more rare, such as obscure commercials that promote a Japanese product with an American celebrity or peddle diet pills with a retroactively embarrassing brand name.

Still, "Web Junk 20" is a phenomenal show, especially if you're home on a Friday night. With (no) apologies to "Celebrity Eye Candy," I guess I'll have to do something productive during that 11:30 to midnight slot. Like, um, blogging about Bo Bice's mad martial arts skills.