Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bored of the rings

I know NBC is proud to be covering the Olympics from now through the fourth millennium, but it's time to ditch the rings component of the famous peacock logo. They've plastered this version of the translucent logo on the lower-right of the screen for years, regardless of whether it's an Olympic year or not. Weirder still, the bigwigs slap it on the screen with no consideration for show content, sometimes pairing it with completely unrelated programming.

With or without the Olympic rings, it's bad enough networks continue to shove their corporate logos down our throats. One of the famous couch gags from the title sequence of "The Simpsons" captures my feelings about these translucent logos perfectly, with Homer getting up from the couch, ripping the Fox logo from the corner of the screen and stomping on it.

I'm guessing NBC keeps the rings in its logo for prestige, but it's not like the Games are the ratings powerhouse they used to be. And Fox isn't exactly superimposing Simon Cowell's noggin on the searchlight logo.