Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Stuff and Things, Part I

Sports Guy has Ramblings. I have Stuff and Things.

- "The Sopranos" is off to a good start, but I'll admit I was zoning out a bit at the half-hour mark.

- "Big Love" couldn't keep my interest past 20 minutes.

- I wish "Beavis and Butthead" were back on the air. Not for any wacky adventures, per se, but mostly so they can make fun of music videos again. A couple of months ago, I saw this atrocity called "Noah's Ark" by a duo called CocoRosie and I just wished my favorite slackers would have ripped into it with their keen commentary. The video certainly warrants my favorite all-time B&B line, uttered by Butthead: "They shouldn't give anyone a chance to suck."

- R.I.P. Peter Tomarken. The host of my favorite gameshow of all time, "Press Your Luck," died in a plane crash recently. I want to be snarky here, but I will not dare joke about a man so closely affiliated with fond memories of Whammies. Especially since the younger version of me unintentionally called him "Peter Toboggan," much to my siblings' amusement. Anyway, as an homage, here's a video link to the most memorable PYL contestant of all time. Warning: Immediate Sound.

- "Crash" is a great movie, one I saw last weekend. Mark my words: Ludacris could be the next Jamie Foxx, but with better music.

- "The Girl Next Door" is a decent movie, one best watched once on HBO. It's "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" meets "American Pie," but without the lasting impact of either of those epics. I might give it more credit than it was due because of Elisha Cuthbert's hotness, Timothy "The Guy From Deadwood" Olyphant's awesomeness and a really solid soundtrack.

- I think it says something about my interests these days that I'm involved in two pools for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament and another for "American Idol." And I think it says something more that I'll fare much better in the latter.

- The World Baseball Classic is actually pretty fun to watch. It's even inspired the South Korean government to waive compulsory military service if its team makes the WBC semifinals. Despite the fact that the USA team is inferior to the regular squads of about eight Major League Baseball teams, there's just enough star power to keep nationalists interested. Note to Bud Selig: Instead of holding this tournament during spring training, move it two weeks after the World Series. I'll give you a gold star if you do.

- I've been lazy with my blog. Oh well.