Monday, March 27, 2006

Phenomenon... Doo DOO, Doo-doo-doo...

I'm happy to see someone else is wasting his/her time doing the same thing to a Muppets song. "Phenomenon" is clearly the best replacement lyric, but here are the first five alternates I could brainstorm:

- And on and on
- There's nothin' on
- It's Jean Valjean
- It's Didi Conn
- Olajuwon


Anonymous said...

Muppets song? Huh? Wha'? Listen blog-boy, I had to work really hard and research this shizzzz on my own to find out what you were talking about because you didn't give me all of the relevant info, yo.
Hehehe, just kidding. Well, not about the part that I had to do extra research. Haha.

I liked your last post by the way. Love the witty title as well. I've been thinking about magical baskets, and I can't make up my mind about the situation.

You're my favorite blogger.
More, more, more I say!!!!!!