Monday, June 06, 2005

Five years later

So I just got back from my five-year reunion at Boston College. And I thought I had enough energy to post a detailed blog about the whole weekend. No such luck. However, I am going to leave a few teasers to keep you hanging (and also so I don't forget a few of the topics I want to cover):

Who's On First
Sports Huddle cameo
Plex Party
Casino rumblings
Hallway madness
Aces Up My Sleeve
Duck Tour w/ John Lennon
Lost cookies

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Hey, its Rachel, since no one is blessed enough to know my blog, i shall post anonymously. But I had to comment on the flip cup reference,since of all the teasers it is the only one that I was remotely close to even understanding...cept now that I have decided to comment, I really dont know what I would want to say about the game. so.. I shall now leave your extremely learned blog in peace to my idiot rantings. Night.