Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I can see clearly now, the Cloud ... is here

As you frequent Basketweavers might notice, I've modified the lower-right of the sidebar to include a beautiful new Label Cloud to showcase this blog's topic archive.

It's superior to the old version for many reasons. Not only is it alphabetized, but it's simultaneously color-coded and size-dependent to indicate blog topic frequency. In other words, the more aquamarine and larger a topic is, the more frequently it's appeared on this blog; less frequent topics appear smaller and more off-white.

And because the Label Cloud takes up less space than the default Blogger version, I've cut back on the number of blog posts per page from 75 to 30 -- and still every topic title fits. So I'm passing the (time) savings (it takes to view the blog) onto you, loyal reader.

Thanks to Phydeaux for creating such a user-friendly Label Cloud widget. You rule.

(And yes, I've blogged a lot about blogging this last week. My apologies. I'll return to discussing the universalities and transcendentalism of "Ghostbusters" in the weeks to come.)