Thursday, September 07, 2006

'Want to see proof I was at the no-hitter? Let me print out my ticketFast receipt again. Wait, where are you going?'

For those among the 12,561 some-odd baseball fans who were lucky enough to witness last night's Marlins no-hitter and bought their tickets through traditional means, they can treasure their one-of-a-kind ticket stubs, whose unmistakeable proof of purchase adds value to the stub and legitimacy to any exaggerated stories they might tell about the game.

But for those who were "smart" enough to purchase tickets via ticketFast on the Internet, all they can do is curse the convenience of their easily reproduced receipts, which not only are the aesthetic equivalent of an Excel spreadsheet in a scrapbook but also garner absolutely zero interest from memorabilia collectors.

Unlike traditional ticket stubs, which are only printed once by some fancy machine, ticketFast tickets can be printed an infinite number of times on 8.5x11 paper with an everyday printer and still be legitimate for those seats on the day of the game, thereby making their financial and sentimental value practically worthless.

Curse you, ticketFast. What is gained in convenience and a reduction in ridiculous service charge is lost in beauty.