Monday, September 11, 2006

Putting the 'ass' in mass transportation

On a somber anniversary in which smiles can in be in short supply, let's take a moment to escape by celebrating the Manhattan antics of Improv Everywhere.

Why, you ask? Consider the following:

- On consecutive subway stops, members entered a car without pants but did not acknowledge each other.

- The group sent 80 agents in blue shirts and khakis to Best Buy, matching the workers' dress code and infuriating management.

- The group also hit up Home Depot, where they proceeded to shop in slow-mo, regular speed and freeze-frame.

- Members repeatedly reenacted the same five-minute scene in a Starbucks, confusing workers and patrons alike.

- The crew gave free "tours of Manhattan" via inflatable boats in tiny Union Square fountains.

- My friend Chad was involved in many of these pranks.

Hooray for IE founder Charlie Todd, who's an Upright Citizens Brigade Teacher, natch!

Here's a great AP article that summarizes Improv Everywhere's awesomeness. It's a safe bet I'll be here on Sept. 30.