Friday, May 12, 2006

Top 10 inevitable 'Deal Or No Deal' knock-offs

10. "Seal Or No Seal" (Target network: Bravo) - Heidi Klum gets the reality-TV tables turned on her, deciding whether or not to dump her husband in favor of other pop favorites from the 1990's, including Right Said Fred, Dino and Gerardo.

9. "Teal Or No Teal" (Target network: ESPN) - Contestants compete to redesign the Florida Marlins' uniform.

8. "Neil Or No Neil" (Target network: VH1) - Neil Sedaka judges singing hopefuls, who hope to earn the title of "ear delicious."

7. "Reel Or No Reel" (Target network: Outdoor Life Network) - Host Larry The Cable Guy pits fly fishers against hand fishers. Get'r done.

6. "Heel Or No Heel" (Target network: ESPN) - Cameras follow around a heavily recruited high school basketball player, who must decide if he wants to play for North Carolina or Duke.

5. "Feel Or No Feel" (Target network: Playboy) - Um, yeah.

4. "Wheel Or No Wheel" (Target network: Travel Channel) - Contestants have to get from Point A to Point B without wheeled transportation. The winner of the first challenge earns immunity and a pogo stick.

3. "Biel Or No Biel" (Network: The WB/CW) - Already been done under the pseudonym "7th Heaven."

2. "Veal Or No Veal" (Target network: Food) - Hungry PETA members and vegetarians compete to see who can go the longest without eating caged calves, their only option. The show's winner is the last person to cave in or die.

1. "Kneel Or No Kneel" (Target network: EWTN) - Cameras follow young adults who decide if they want to part from their faith while subjecting them to sinful situations, including the new hit TV show, "Feel Or No Feel."