Sunday, May 07, 2006

Reason No. 229 why I should be a (bigger) celebrity

Because I would absolutely dominate the B-through-D-list competition on "Gameshow Marathon," whose first of seven episodes might make its debut on CBS on May 31. What an appropriate blog-worthy present for what will be the first anniversary of Varsity Basketweaving!

The celebrities on "Gameshow Marathon" will compete in part or all of the games from "The Price Is Right," "Let's Make a Deal," "Beat The Clock," "Press Your Luck," "Card Sharks," "Match Game" and "Family Feud." If I had my way, I'd also want them to face off in "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" and "Jeopardy!" Oh, wait.

Still, I'm particularly excited for much-needed revivals of "Press Your Luck" (only the greatest gameshow ever, as these pictures prove) and "Match Game," which, according to Wikipedia, "will feature Betty White, George Foreman, Kathy Griffin, Bruce Vilanch, Adam Carolla, and Adrianne Curry as panelists." Not bad, but the latter would be 1,000 times better if Charles Nelson Reilly and Richard Dawson were available. Let's face it: the world is always a better place when CNR and Dick Dawson are mugging for the camera.

Ricki Lake(?!) has agreed to host the show. Huh? If you're going to go with the host of a trashy talk-show, the obvious choice would be Jenny Jones, who actually won $18,706 on "Press Your Luck." Come on, people!

Leslie Nielsen, Tim Meadows, Lance Bass, Kathy Najimy, Paige Davis and Brande Roderick appear to be this season's "Gameshow Marathon" contestants.

Reason No. 230 why I should be a (bigger) celebrity: Because I'm already a bigger celebrity than Paige Davis and Brande Roderick.