Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mr. BelveDEAR GOD!

Jason Bateman and Alyssa Milano watch Mr. Belvedere and Super Mario Bros. -- on ice!

No, I'm not kidding.

Much like the Best Week Ever blog, which brought this video to my rapt attention, I am rendered nearly speechless. Nearly.

Talking points:

• This video likely marks the beginning of Bateman and Milano's transition into obscurity, only to come back years later stronger than ever. I'll call this phenomenon Charmed Arrested Development. And you can call me punnoying.

• I think Bateman is a great actor (seriously!) and nothing conveys this better than the way he is cheesily thrilled to find a "Nintendohhhh!" game system, as if he just found his lost doggie. Bonus points for gushing, "I'd love to play!" while gripping a controller. And the Emmy goes to....

• Christopher Hewitt as Lynn Belvedere as King Koopa. (Applause.) In blotchy green face make-up, no less.

• Princess Peach's voice is far less regal than I would have anticipated. Unless she's a Long Island Princess. Then it's totally accurate.

• Music! Laughter! Music and Laughter!

• My absolute favorite part: At the video's 4:30 mark, after Luigi has vaporized various enemies, check out the Hammer's half-hearted approach to vanquish the green-clothèd plumber. Just sad. With sad meaning hilarious.