Thursday, January 12, 2006

'New Jersey: Most of Our Elected Officials Have Not Been Indicted.'

This post title was an actual submission for a New Jersey slogan contest. The winning entry, "New Jersey: Come See For Yourself," while more appropriate, doesn't quite have the pinache of another actual nominee: "New Jersey: You Got a Problem With That?"

Here are five more I would have submitted:

5. "New Jersey: New York, But Not Quite."
4. "New Jersey: We're Bon Jovial!"
3. "New Jersey: Eating Pennsylvania, Pac-Man Style, Since 1787."
2. "New Jersey: LOOK OUT!!!!!"
1. "New Jersey: We Know What That Smell Is."

Kidding. Lots of sweet people I know are from Jersey, including my girlfriend. But she does know what that smell is: Usually, it's me.


if i told you . . . said...

Personally, I'm voting for Bon Jovial.

Unemployed Insomniac said...

Ahhh ... the sweet scent of Jersey ... you gotta love it. That little state has more diners than anywhere in the entire world! It's true. Plus, it has Lucy ... and nothing can beat an elephant you can go on a tour inside.