Monday, January 09, 2006

Hey now!

Howard Stern made his Sirius satellite radio debut today. Other than Stern complaining about the new equipment for the first 20 minutes, the show was absolutely awesome. I didn't realize just how much I missed it until I was forced to wake up to David Lee Roth's boring rants. And then, at exactly 9 a.m. EST (when the show reruns on channel 101), I turned the car ignition and was serenaded by the theme from 2001, with each note reinforced by flatulence. Classy.

Other highlights:

- The first words spoken by Stern show favorite George "Sulu" Takei, who's agreed to be the show's announcer for the week and tape subsequent intros. Nice.

- Howard confirming, dismissing, confirming, then dismissing one last time that he was married in Mexico while he was on winter vacation. (In other words, he's not married. Or that's what we're supposed to believe.) His girlfriend of almost six years, Beth Ostrosky, has been sporting new ring-finger bling in recent weeks.

- After weeks of hype, the Stern show finally announcing 11 "revelations" about all of its cast members, including one cast member who claims to have cheated on his wife and got caught in the act. The stories will be paired with their owners on air a week from today.

- ESPN SportsCenter alum Keith Olbermann ripping into deejay and fellow MSNBC colleague Don Imus during Howard's press conference, further adding to Olbermann's credibility and awesomeness.

- The entire Howard 100 channel, which not only reruns shows but also has show breakdowns, an awesome and surprisingly credible news department, and fan call-in shows. And my S50 has the ability to record all this content. Brilliant, brilliant stuff.

- Stern announcing today that he believes that Sirius will stream his show online in the near future.

I'm psyched about what's to come, so to speak. Long live the King of all Media!