Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Oscar winner goes topless on Italian TV

That's the headline that appeared on CNN's Web site.

Curious (and male), I clicked on the link. The person could have been any number of winners whose "talents" transcend acting. Perhaps Charleze Theron? Jennifer Connelly? Kathy Bates?

But even with a high-speed connection, I knew as the page was loading that it was going to be Roberto Benigni. I since have decided that life is not that beautiful.

I haven't been this disappointed with publicized clothing removal since Kitten agreed to a wager involving University of Kentucky football.


I wanna take a Bubba-bath said...

I'm Italian ... I can say this ... a hairy Italian chest ... not even chiseled and hot ... not a sight I want to see. I'd prefer Kathy Bates ... OK maybe not.