Friday, October 28, 2005


At one point, you could have been Creepy Burger King guy this Halloween for the cost of two Angus Steak Burgers through BK's Web site.

But now, this fall's burgeriffic costume is sold out and routinely resells on eBay for over $100. A victory for fast food fans and alternative ad campaign supporters everywhere, right?

Well, I thought so. Until I read that the marketing firm that's in charge of the BK campaign might have been sending out annoying and misleading e-mails to hype the masks. (By the way, Seth Stevenson's Ad Report Card is a Slate must-read for anyone who enjoys analysis of commercial marketing strategy.)

I'll forgive you for this, BK, but only because I wouldn't mind answering the door for trick-or-treaters in this mask. I'd get to eat every piece of candy I bought because of all of the kids (and some adults) running away screaming.


Anonymous said...

I will not lie... whenever I see these particular commercials on TV, I am drawn in with striking fascination and awe by their sheer creepiness. The one where the man wakes up with the king in bed with him?--absolutely paramount. I just CANNOT get enough of these things. Guilty pleasures, I suppose.

We're cool.