Wednesday, October 12, 2005

La-la, la-la-la-BOOM!

"Who doesn't love the Smurfs?" asks Anderson Cooper in a video on the CNN Web site.

I don't. I've always been Smurfing annoyed about the Smurfing Smurfs. (Come on, you have too.)

Along with "Soul Train," they signaled the end of my childhood Saturday mornings with one to two hours of boring blue blah.

But now, the blue buggers star in a Belgian UNICEF commercial campaign, designed to raise awareness and money to rehabilitate children exploited as soldiers in Africa, according to CNN.

Normally I'd be against using Smurfs to promote anything. But the Belgians seem content to blow up the Smurfs for the cause.

Yes, blow up. As in pow, bam and kablooey.

I'm thrilled with the concept, although not necessarily the execution (pun not intended). Great cause notwithstanding, I'd be content if said cause were to rid Saturday morning of tedious programming and tiresome verb supplementing, such as "I'm totally Smurfed out," "I'm going out of my Smurfing Smurf" and the Missy Elliott classic, "Get UR Smurf On."

I'm usually a pacifist, but theoretically any end to the Smurfs is a good end. And I'm ready to pitch another cartoon the UNICEF people can drop bombs on when all the Smurfs have Smurfed.

If you're worried about Brussels babies, the commercial only airs after 9 p.m., which realistically means that most kids will only be tormented and scarred four or five times before each bedtime. As for the public service announcement's intended audience, adults appear to be appreciating the campaign -- a few of them for darker reasons.

Said CNN: The commercial begins with the familiar image of the Smurfs joyfully frolicking and singing their theme song with birds and butterflies. Then, planes appear and rain down bombs, setting the houses ablaze. Smurfette is killed and the others go running. Baby Smurf sits crying at the edge of a bomb crater.

Yikes! Okay, on second thought, maybe this whole concept is a bit extreme, even for a Smurf-hater like me. Maybe the Smurfs could just be refugees for a while and allowed back onto TV in an Adult Swim makeover after a few years.


Bubba hates the smurfs said...

That's so horrible that it's funny. I feel bad for laughing. Oh well.

Ixtab said...

I was prepared to hate, but I love.

Now, if you told me they've made a beach-safety-awareness commercial where the Snorks get eaten by a shark, that would make my week.

Kidd Video forever!