Friday, October 21, 2005

Leather Pants = High Comedy

Quite simply, the funniest eBay post I've ever read.

Leather pants are funny enough, but these pants' backstory and eBay Q&A easily make them my Links of the Week.

With an opening bid of $5, these pants eventually sold for $102.50. It obviously pays to be a convincing comedy writer. Because, really, what sane man would buy these things?


Mona said...

that is hilarious. almost as bad as the jesus toast.

This is not Bubba writing this ... said...

I have a thing for pirates ... no not really ... maybe it's sailors. However, I would ask a man to wear leather pants ... or Hammer pants! ;) Oh yeah ... that's probably because 1. they're not part of any uniform of which I'm aware ... 2. I never got into that '80s hair metal thing ... and ... 3. I am not a gay 50-something-year-old man named Ricky.

Me again! said...

That would should be wouldn't ... aaaaaah!