Saturday, September 10, 2005

Move over, Lara Croft

Although my dating patterns of late have indicated otherwise, I've always had a thing for pretty redheads. But I'm not exactly sure what to make of my crush on a pinkhead named Erin.

Yes, I'm talking about Agent Erin. Yes, I'm talking about the Esurance girl. Yes, I'm talking about a cartoon.

I've had vehement arguments with male friends of mine who claim they do not find cartoon women attractive. Call me crazy, but Erin's not too shabby. Clearly, she's in phenomenal shape, runs away from unsavory men, doesn't overstay her welcome and knows how to find a great deal. That puts her ahead of most of the women I've dated in the last year. (If you're a recent ex of mine reading this, of course you aren't inferior to a cartoon; I meant all those other girls, honest.)

I guess I should continue working out, grow longer sideburns and stay late in the office. Guys who do those things seem to be her type.


Beck said...

I've always wondered... what is it about redheads that attracts guys?

Chris S. said...

Mostly the fact that they can save me money on car insurance.

Beck said...

But of course. It's one of our many superpowers. X-ray vision is on the list, too. So, make sure you wear your Batman underoos to score some points. (: