Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I'm all for making victims' lives easier after Hurricane Katrina, but something about an item about the NCAA in this ESPN story really annoys me. Note: bold emphasis mine.

The NCAA said last month that it would bend some rules to help students and schools deal with the hurricane, including letting students compete without attending classes.

As opposed to...?

Student-athletes get another break? You don't say! Oh, wait, so because they generate revenue, that lets them -- and not, say, a dance team or an a cappella group or a service organization -- off the hook for academic responsibility?


Bubb Rubb said...

Rico - I'm all for the NCAA letting a capella groups displaced by Katrina not attend classes.

RP said...

You think most of those student athletes one day turn around and donate tons of money to their alma mater? I'm thinking the nerdy guy in the third row of molecular biology, who never misses a class, is the better bet at funding a future wing of the library. I say, let the nerds miss the classes!