Friday, September 23, 2005

It ain't over...

... till it's over, which is why I'm not cocky or even confident about the Yankees' chances of making the playoffs, despite a one-game lead in the AL East.

But it's also why sports columnists should be wary of making bold and volatile predictions:

It's OK to say it. Don't worry about jinxing them. The 2005 Red Sox are going to win the American League East. By a landslide. - Dan Shaughnessy, June 26.

Today, the Boston Globe columnist made a quasi-apology.

This reminds me of when I asked Mike Lupica about the column he most regretted writing; he recalled the time he blasted the Yanks for hiring Joe Torre.


I Heart BUBBA CROSBY said...

I won't say anything. I won't even pretend the Yankees are taking the East. I won't predict they'll get to the playoffs. I'll just sit here and wait it out like the loyal fan I am.