Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Inadvertantly(?) salacious advertising

It's bad enough to misplace an apostrophe in an ad, but it's worse when the error pales in comparison to the undeniable creepiness of its context.

In an Rothman's clothing ad that's pervasive on Metro-North trains, the store boasts that it's "NOW OFFERING BOY'S CLOTHING IN SCARSDALE."

I really feel bad for that boy. First he's being stripped of his clothing, then he's being stripped of his dignity while a poster brags to thousands of commuters about how the store's humiliating the kid. Such bullies.

What's that you say? The ad is trying to convey that the store's selling clothing for boys, plural? Sorry, my mistake.

Actually, no, it's still the ad's.


Chim Richalds said...

The Unnecessary Apostrophe Phenomenon really scares the hell out of me.

Oh, well, pass the Brawndo.