Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Bravery continue being infinitely cooler than The Killers

Sure, The Killers are the more successful band by almost every industry standard, but I find The Bravery to be far superior songwriters. Plus, they're just cooler, obviously.

They put on an excellent show on Thursday night at Terminal 5. They rocked out all of their greatest works -- including "Unconditional," "Time Won't Let Me Go," "An Honest Mistake," "Fearless," "Tyrant," "Something To Believe" -- and sounded fantastic doing so. Compared to the Foo Fighters show I saw two days earlier, it was a far shorter set, but I had to remind myself that two-hour setlists are the exception, not the norm. Besides, the ticket prices were reasonable and it's always better to leave them wanting more than to overstay your welcome, right?

If I had to complain about anything, it might have been the decision to do the "reimagined" versions of three of the group's ballads from their tweaked re-release of "The Sun And The Moon." Hitting stores in March, the re-release will present all the songs from the album of the same name in a new way. It was distracting to the audience, particularly on "The Ocean," which lost nearly all of the emotion from its slower counterpart, and "Tragedy Bound," whose alternate version even had lead singer Sam Endicott fumbling for the words at the start of the second verse. The alternate "This Is Not The End," however, provided a cool, stompier interpretation.

Overall, though, a fantastic show. Closing the encore with "Unconditional," such a phenomenal anthem for wandering twentysomethings, alone was worth the price of admission.