Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dave Grohl is a Golden God. (Grohlden God?)

Caught the Foo Fighters' first-ever gig at Madison Square Garden last night, and have my camera phone's blurry photos to prove it.

If you missed the live show, you might have seen Fuse broadcast a one-hour, commercial-free version of it a couple of times last night. I even caught most of its second airing when I got home, but I can assure you it was so much cooler live.

First of all, I can't believe Dave Grohl can sing that hard for so long every night. My throat hurt singing along and I couldn't hit half the notes, let alone scream in between melodic phrases.

The show also reminded me of just how many hits the Foos have had over the last 13 years. That's no small feat for true rock bands in a post-grunge era that's been heavily centered on rap and pop.

I wish they'd have busted out a couple of my favorite album cuts -- including "Generator," "See You" and "Walking After You" (the superior version from the "The X-Files" movie soundtrack) -- but it's hard to complain when they played nearly every hit in their collection, including a stripped-down "My Hero" on a side-stage reserved for mellower fare, a surprisingly poignant version of "Big Me" for the encore and roof-blowing versions of "The Pretender," "Monkey Wrench" and "Best of You."

Plus, Taylor Hawkins banged out an extended drum solo that would have made Stewart Copeland proud.

Also, Mr. Grohl is a funny lad, allowing for what he believed was the first "triangle solo" in MSG history (but not, evidently, the first of the tour). Yes, Drew Hester tapped his heart out on a musical instrument often reserved for supplementary percussion and sudden dinner warnings.