Monday, February 13, 2006

Inanimate snowball fight!

New York got a lot of snow this weekend, so instead of digging out my car this morning, I opted to take the train to work.

While walking underneath the overpass that straddles the tracks, I felt something from above punch the back of my head and splatter all over me. Rubbing my noggin, I realized that what had exploded on the back of my coat was not my brains, but rather an icy bowling-ball sized chunk of snow that had fallen from the overhang, about two stories up. The accumulation of snow could not be contained by the edge of the overpass, which jettisoned it onto my well-coiffed melon.

I do have a conspiracy theory that a gremlin was hiding on the top of the structure, catapulting ice rockets onto unsuspecting journalists with some Gizmo.