Friday, February 03, 2006

Boston University has cooties

Boston College supporters always have believed this to be true, but in a few years, it will be scientific fact.

In short, BU "won" the right to build a lab that "would handle some of the world's most dangerous and exotic germs," according to CNN.

I'm all for scientific advancements, even if it comes through my alma mater's biggest hockey rival, but tell me this doesn't this sound like the opening of a bad outbreak movie:

[The lab] will be part of a national group of facilities that will study infectious diseases such as ebola and the West Nile virus.

Still not scared? Read on.

[In 2004], three workers at another BU lab became sick after they were exposed to a highly infectious strain of tularemia, or rabbit fever.

Had Boston College lab technicians been involved, this incompetence would have been avoided.

By 2008, when the lab is scheduled to be completed, I'll be sure to pack my hazmat suit for subsequent Boston visits.


Awake-and-Alive said...

What the heck is rabbit fever!? My G-d, like monkey pox, bird flu and mad cow disease aren't horrible enough ... now we have to fight off a bunny disease!?