Sunday, July 10, 2005

Paul Scheer: Map Wizard

So before last night's unexpected meeting Michael Kay, I went with my friend Valentina to see an improv show starring Respecto Montalban at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Surpassing only Inconsiderate Cell Phone Man in terms of star power was Paul Scheer, whose knack for the ha-ha on "Best Week Ever" is just sweetness.

So Paul opens the show with a request from new UCBT audience members to suggest unique things about the towns they're from. Hearing dead silence for about 10 seconds, I decide to shout to Paul that my home village rhymes with a vulgar command -- cutting to the chase with said expletive without actually saying "Tuckahoe."

Paul, of course, has a field day with it for about a minute before desperately searching for other suggestions. But later during the opening segment, he correctly deduces that "Well, we've obviously got someone here from Tuckahoe." Who the hell's ever heard of Tuckahoe if you're not from Tuckahoe? Or if you haven't dated someone in Tuckahoe or gotten a speeding ticket in Tuckahoe? Or if you haven't seen "Tuckahoe" mentioned six times in the same paragraph?

Well, I did some homework by going to Paul's Web site. Turns out he's a native New Yorker. My guess is he had to have lived somewhere around these parts to know about Tuckahoe.

Anyway, go see Paul and the rest of the gang in Mantalban. They were ridonkulous.