Tuesday, July 05, 2005

National Outrage

It's cool enough that my friend Todd already designed the Washington Nationals' logo and uniforms, but now the team is making a bid to become my second-favorite if their Bush-bashing suitor is allowed to buy it.

Naturally, some Republicans are freaking out about the possibility and are threatening action. Classy.

The author of this column -- Patrick Hruby, one of ESPN Page 2's most underrated columnists -- also mentions the Greatest American poll that I covered earlier in this Blog. His response (to the poll, not my Blog item):

A tax-slashing president, Ronald Reagan, was recently voted history's Greatest American, ahead of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and, yes, Oprah. Again, this is troublesome, and exactly the sort of disaster that demands federal intervention.

For one, the Gipper has an airport named after him, which ought to be honor enough; more to the point, everyone knows the real greatest American of all time is Michael Jordan. Followed by the guy who invented the beer cozy.

Well said.


Tommie Lee said...

Your friend designed the logo?

Solid job.

Go Nats.