Thursday, July 14, 2005

Paul Scheer Knows Tuckahoe. Kinda.

Updating a VB item I posted earlier this week, Paul Scheer responded to my e-mailed inquiry to explain how he knows about Tuckahoe. I told him most people don't know the village unless they've lived there, dated someone there or got a speeding ticket there.

"I don't know why I know Tuckahoe, sadly I never dated a girl from their and it's a shame because I hear they totally put out. I think my dad has a friend from their or something."

Evidently, Paul's sources about Tuckahoe girls are either gravely misinformed or have much more money than I do. But thanks for the prompt reply and the great show, Paul!


JennW said...

"from THEIR"?! I don't know if I'd feel better if that's his typo or yours. Either way...eek!

Chris S. said...

Those are his typos. I didn't want to point them out initially, because he was nice enough to reply to my e-mail, but now that my journalistic credibility is being questioned, I'll have to sell him out.