Monday, January 07, 2008

Wired and Marshalled

Loved the premiere episode of the final season of "The Wire." Particularly impressive, considering how I'd strangely never watched a previous season, despite every single person who's ever seen more than one show telling me I'm crazy.

As a reporter, I enjoy hearing authentic newsroom terminology in a TV series ("below the fold," "contrib," "reac" and "art," among others). I also love how the plots of The Law, The Street, The Hall, The Port, The School and The Newsroom intersect with one another. And watching a photocopier play the role of a polygraph machine has been my favorite TV moment in a very young 2008, but it should still be in my Top 10 by year's end. I'm curious to see how everything breaks down, in more ways than one, as the season unfolds.

Still miss "Deadwood," though. (Harumph.) I caught the always-brilliant Ian McShane in the last hour of "We Are Marshall" on one of those HBO channels and it just made me sad.

Well, that and the depressing nature of the film. That was not exactly cheery, either. Good flick, though. Matthew McConaughey is solid, David Strathairn is once again fantastic (possibly Hollywood's most underrated actor), and watching Kate Mara do anything tends to ease my pain.


The Jellybean66 said...

Stumbled upon your blog purely by about Kim Mattingly's arrest and I was told she was horrid looking now so OF COURSE I had to Google it and then continue to forward the picture to a few friends for a few chuckles at her expense. Anyway, one friend commented at how pretty she used to again, I googled to find a picture of her when she looked NOT like a crackhead and that's when I saw your blog...I suppose it was curiosit-ah that made me click on it and after reading the most recent one (Can't comment on ESPN's Bill Simmons' blog) I happily bookmarked your blog.
Well, I was actually going to tell you that you MUST get your hands on the previous seasons of THE WIRE as it is absolutely a great show. I have to agree with you 100% on the first episode where the copy machine is used as a lie detector...brilliant. I have to say that I ended up rewinding the part afterwards because I was laughing to damn hard, I didn't hear anything that was said in the next scene. McNulty & Bunk need to spin off their own doesn't even have to be as "po-lice"..just get them together to do anything; they are hilarious.