Friday, January 04, 2008

Christine looks the same upside-down

Confused? I'm referring to this logo I finished today for anyone named Christine. It reads the same way upside down as it does right-side up:
You're welcome, Ms. Ebersole.

In searching my computer for a completely different set of graphics I created a few years ago, I rediscovered my set of name logos that look the same upside-down as they do right-side up. In the process, I found one draft of the name "Christine" that was left unfinished. So in a fit of creatitivity, I finished that one just after midnight. Creative spurts are unpredictable.

Here's the logo I had completed of my last name, which one ex-girlfriend once told me would be great for my future chain of restaurants:
I have enough problems with a microwave, so forget the restaurant idea. But I am proud of the logo, I must say.


Abbi said...

Are you saying that with the proper manipulation any series of letters may read the same forwards and backwards-upside down? I think you've stumbled onto a new mathematical theorem!

PS: In my heart, Christine Ebersole was, is, and always will be the uncle's girlfriend on My Girl 2.

sometimeslisa said...

I love that stuff. Jim turned me on to the work of a guy who makes a huge living off of the upside-down, backwards letters things. I am really scary in that I can say words backwards - funnily enough, I just did that in my last post - but I can't do this drawing thing (and I draws good).

I am now off to read and perhaps comment upon your various blog-like things.