Friday, May 11, 2007

Unsollicited praise of Eliot Morris' single 'Fault Line'

I am unable to merge two things I love, so I'm a-bloggin' about both.

1. My Project Playlist, which I post on my MySpace profile:

2. A brilliant, earthy Eliot Morris song called "Faultline," which I first heard on Sirius satellite radio's Coffee House channel.

The Project Playlist format searches for sites that host specific mp3 files, but none seems to carry "Fault Line." It's such a good song, however, that I want to introduce it to the 100 or so people who click on this site per day. I'm neither being paid for this service, nor do I have any personal connection to Mr. Morris. But this song is addictive, and makes me want to learn acoustic guitar (again).

My only complaint: The "oooh-ooh-ooh" refrain is perhaps the catchiest part of the song, so why is there only one of them at the coda, instead of two? If that's done to leave the audience wanting more, mission accomplished.

OK, enough words. More Morris: