Monday, November 06, 2006

Yo Momma's joke is so old, it's got an autographed copy of the Bible

With the exception of its use by MasterCard advertising executives, I am demanding immediate cease-and-desist orders for any conversational set-up that lists various goods and services and their corresponding costs, followed by the punchline "Priceless."

This joke format got tired about two or three years ago, but seeing it dragged out a week or so ago for MTV's "Yo Momma" marks the official -- and long overdue -- end of the trend.


K said...

Personally, I could do without ever hearing the phrase "Lawyer-up" again. As in:

"Stop the interrogation. He lawyered-up."


lanyard said...

But it's ok if you're playing the popular elementary-school game "Lawyer-Up," where everybody sits with their heads down and thumbs up, and then seven lawyers sneak around the room, each putting somebody's thumb down (ideally, someone he/she has a crush on). Then everyone picks their heads up and makes a lawyer-joke.

(Fill in your own. I'm a busy woman.)

Chris S. said...

Wow, I totally forgot about that thumbs-up game.

My elementary school crushes never went anywhere. Perhaps because those girls were paying more attention to Jem.

I'll admit: she was truly, truly, truly outrageous.